Azerbaijan Railways discuss new strategy until 2030 18:00 21.07.2020

In order to develop the 2030 Corporate Strategy of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, on May 21, an agreement was signed with one of the leading companies of the world, McKinsey & Company and analyses are ongoing in this direction.

On July 17, a video conference was organized with the attendance of Executive Board and representatives of this company. During the video conference, delegates of McKinsey & Company provided comprehensive data on the progress of the project.

Chairman of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, Mr. Javid Gurbanov highlighted the growing role of the railway in international transport corridors which benefit from the favorable geographical position, and emphasized positive impact of recent initiatives taken in this direction on the transit potential of the country. In this regard, in addition to increase operational efficiency of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, he stressed the importance of the cooperation with stakeholders in the development of relevant corridors and increase of the participation of all links of transport chains in the process.

Afterwards, international experts of McKinsey & Company presented review and trends of the global and regional railway sector and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the railway sector to the Board of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC. In order to make the strategy more successful, the expected effects of global and regional trends were discussed and exchange of experience was facilitated between the parties on this topic.