Passengers will arrive earlier 15:35 22.11.2019

The speed of the  trains running in the direction of Baku-Ganja route has been increased.

In this regard, the schedule of Baku-Ganja-Baku high-speed train will be changed starting on  November 24. The departure time of the train from Baku and Ganja will be kept as usual.

 According to the new schedule,  time duration of train will be reduced from 4 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours 45 minutes. However, passengers will be delivered 30 minutes earlier. The increasing speed of the trains at          135 km/h reduced travel time of the train journey.

 To achieve this, major overhaul and reconstruction works were carried out in the direction of Baku-Boyuk Kasik. Road management and signaling facilities have been designed to correspond modern requirements, roadbeds were changed, and the contact network of power supply was upgraded to increase speed of the trains.

Due to the speed limits increases, “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC kindly ask the citizens to strictly comply with safety regulations and cross the road only through certain places.