A charity mobile medical service event was organized in Guzanli settlement of Aghdam region 9:00 30.08.2019

On 30 August, a charity medical service event was co-organized in Guzanli settlement of Aghdam region by Baku Railway Hospital No.1 under Medical-Sanitary Service of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC and Aghdam Medilife Clinic.
Main purpose of the event was to protect the health of residents of Aghdam and other surrounding regions at the frontline, as well as refugees by providing high-quality health care.
More than 100 local residents received high quality medical care during the day.
Professional doctors such as; gastroenterologist-hepatologist Ilgar Alishov, dermato- veneorologist and andrologist Ibrahim Rzayev and general surgeon Ramil Nasirov examined and treated our compatriots living in the frontline.