The construction of an underground tunnel at Sabunchu station entrance has started 9:00 28.08.2019

The replacement process of a same-level railway passage with an underground tunnel at the intersection of Asaf Asadullayev and Gambay Vazirov streets - the third piquet of the 13th kilometer (Sabunchu station entrance) for safety reasons has started within the reconstruction works of Baku-Sabunchu-Pirshaghi-Sumgayit ring railway.
In this regard, all conditions for alternatives car movement routes have been created. Currently, communication facilities (telephone, gas, water, sewage) are being relocated and piles are being laid. Tunnel excavation processes will be commenced upon the complementation of supporting walls.
The construction of this tunnel will play an important role in ensuring safety. As it is known, numerous routes cross at this railway passage. During rush hours, drivers had to wait for the trains to pass for a significant amount of time. Once the tunnel will put into operation, this problem will be solved.
It must be noted that the underground tunnel will be 262 meters in length and 15 meters in width. 3 roads will be allocated for the movement of the cars in the tunnel. Two of them will be in the direction of Sabunchu from Bakikhanov, another one will be in the direction of Bakikhanov from Sabunchu.
The works are underway in an accelerated manner. Additional information on the full restoration of movement of electric trains to Sabunchu station in the direction of Baku-Sabunchu-Baku will be provided upon the completion of the tunnel.