Significant steps are being taken in the direction of modernization of the railway locomotive park under the leadership of the Chairman of the “Azerbaijan Railways” Closed Joint-Stock Company, Javid Gurbanov.

Taking into account the expiration of exploitation period of locomotives on the balance of "Azerbaijan Railways", within the renewal of the inventory park, the contract was signed with the Republic of Kazakhstan "Locomotive Installation" JSC for procurement of 10 newly produced TE33A Evalution type diesel locomotives which are envisaged to be exploited in cargo transportation.

TE33A Evalution type diesel locomotive beside modernity is economical in view of diesel fuel consumption, 6-axle, 2 cabin, variable current-driven asynchronous dart engine, with a capacity of 138 tonnes (4400 horsepower) and 3356 kW.

The first one of these locomotives was delivered to our country on August 3, 2015, when the first container train from the Shihezi, Peoples Republic of China came to Azerbaijan.

5 (five) of these locomotives were already brought to Azerbaijan, tested in accordance with local conditions, trained locomotive machinists were trained to manage new equipment.

During the exploitation of these diesel locomotives, it has been established that in comparison with highway locomotives of 2TE10M series diesel locomotives is capable of freely transporting a 3200-ton freight train, saving 30-35 percent of diesel fuel.

In addition, 4 (four) new, modern VL-11m6 series of electric locomotives were purchased based on the contract signed between the Azerbaijan Railways Closed Joint-Stock Company and the “Hanseatic Rail LLC” of the Republic of Estonia.

These electric locomotives, produced in 2014 are capable of carrying 184 tons, 5680 kilowatt power capacity and 3500-4000 tons of cargo.

Both types of locomotives have modern safety equipment installed, all conditions for the operation of locomotive brigades are provided, equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator and microwave heaters.

The process of renovation is ongoing speedily.