From September 12 to October 27, electric trains moving on Baku-Sumgait route has served 75,000 passengers 22:29 27.10.2015

The number of passengers using two-tier electric trains of KISS brand, with high comfort, produced by “Stadler Rail Group” is increasing.

From September 12 to October 27, two-tier electric trains with Baku-Sumgait-Baku route served 74059 passengers. Thus, 39232 tickets from Baku passenger station was sold for standard carriages, 1439 for carriages of business class and 32473 for standard carriages from Sumgayit passenger station and 915 tickets for business class carriages.

It should be reminded that two-tier electric trains started on Baku-Sumgait-Baku route on September 12.

As the "Azerbaijan Railways" Closed Joint-Stock Company, we will continue to work on carrying passengers with a full comfort and safely to their homes.