Main objectives of the Department

1. Address of the Department: AZ1010, Baku, Dilara Aliyeva Street, 230.

2. Department is managed by the Chief of Department, appointed in accordance with the position nomenclature and is directly subordinate to Azerbaijan Railways JSC. Senior officials of the Department are appointed in accordance with the position nomenclature and are directly subordinate to the Chief of the Department.

3. Chief of Department implements the general management of the Department; issues orders and instructions that are mandatory for employees who are subordinate to the structure of the Department.

4. The main objectives of the Department are:

4.1. Railway transportation of freight, passengers, baggage and mail, development of international railway transportation;

4.2 Provision of safe and harmonious train movement;

4.3. Organization of train movement on the track, ensuring train marshalling and cargo transportation according to the itinerary;

4.4. Provision of timely and safe delivery of freight, baggage and mail;

4.5. Proper distribution of wagons, container and locomotive fleet and their effective use;

4.6. Carrying out of all scheduled periodic repair of freight wagons and containers, their preparation for loading, maintenance of trains, control over protection of wagon and container fleets;

4.7. Maintenance of proper work of locomotives, technical and infrastructure facilities of multiple units of the locomotive fleet;

4.8. Efficient use of fuel and energy resources in locomotives;

4.9. Making proposals on withdrawing locomotives and wagons from the inventory rolling stock, implementation of control over the preservation of locomotives in the reserve;

4.10. Organization of control over technical diagnostics and repair of locomotives, motor-wagons, wagons, lifting equipment, other equipment in locomotives and wagons;

4.11. Analyzing defects in locomotives and wagons, preparing and implementing appropriate measures to prevent such situations;

4.12. Preparation of proposals for the improvement of technical inspections and repair of locomotives and wagons;

4.13. Implementation of advanced processes, diagnostics and control standards with the application of electronic technologies in locomotives and wagon depots;

4.14. Preparation and submission of orders for spare parts and materials for locomotives and wagons;

4.15. Carrying out of pre-trip medical checks of locomotive brigades staff by the railway medical-sanitary service, cooperation on ensuring of high workforce productivity and preservation of occupational health;

4.16. Definition of fuel reserves level and analysis of fuel consumption rate for shunting rolling stock;

4.17. Control over the preparation and implementation of measures for the efficient use of fuel and energy resources;

4.18. Together with the relevant departments, developing  train movement schedules, ensuring the implementation of the passenger and freight train schedules;

4.19. Technical provision of stations, locomotive and wagon depots, and improving their technology;

4.20. Implementation of an action plan to effectively utilize the transport capacity of railways, increase the weight and speed of trains;

4.21. Extensive use of automation and increasing the use of computer technologies in the transport process;

4.22. Increasing profits (income), raising labor productivity, improving the use of the production fund;

4.23. Organization of works and financial rewards of the subordinated employees, observance of labor legislation and safety regulations;

4.24. Development and implementation of an action plan to ensure the safe movement of trains and the safety of maneuvering operations;

4.25. Implementation of measures to accelerate cargo unloading, transferring empty wagons and containers to their foreign owners or loading them according to their relevant railway destination;

4.26. Ensuring that consignors follow the plan discipline;

4.27. Development of technical standards for operational and loading works of stations;

4.28. Together with the related departments implementation of measures on the possibility of district and station train handling;

4.29. Agreeing terms of transportation of outsized cargos with consignors, control over the organization and implementation of these and other special cargos;

4.30. Transportation of  perishables and cattle, increasing the performance of refrigerated rolling stock, organization of accelerated traffic of refrigerator and special cattle wagons at stations;

4.31. Conclusion of contracts on connecting single-ended sidings to the stations and points, participating in coordination of projects on railway’s crossing power and communication lines, oil and gas pipelines and other overhead and underground facilities;

4.32. Organization and provision of international and direct transportation of import, export and transit cargoes by rail and water, control over train passage at junction stations;

4.33. Control over important sorting and correct design of technological processes at freight stations;

4.34. Managing freight and commercial activity of stations;

4.35. Control over loading and commercial work, mechanized loading and unloading in accordance with the instructions, as well as over correct calculation and collection of fines and fees arising from transportations;

4.36. Organizing replacement of destination stations and addresses at the request of consignees and consignors;

4.37. Conclusion of contracts by virtue of the Power of Attorney granted by the Chairman of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC and provision of the consent for the delivery of empty wagons and containers to other countries;

4.38. Control over the implementation of the provisions of the Railways Charter, Freight Rules, International Agreements on Freight Transportation;

4.39. Organizing and improving the production capacities of the railway structural divisions by using the latest indicators of scientific and advanced technologies, improving methods and forms on the basis of mechanization and automation of heavy-duty works, and facilitating manual-labor;

4.40. Organizing the preparation of the plan of fixed assets’ overhaul and control over the implementation of this plan by subordinate divisions;

4.41. Analyzing production activity of subordinate entities;

4.42. Organization of summer and autumn review of subordinate entities;

4.43. Strengthening of labor discipline of subordinate entities, preparation of young and qualified personnel;

4.44. Arranging the work on preparation of inventive and rationalization proposals of subordinate entities;

4.45. Selection and deployment of supervisors and engineer-technical staff for departments and divisions, training for key occupations, employee improvement and mastering of mixed professions;

4.46. Increasing labor performance of subordinate entities, organization of technical regulation, provision of control on compliance with labor legislation, development of measures on labor protection, technical standards and rules;

4.47. Summarizing and spreading the work experience of advanced teams and innovations in subordinate organizations;

4.48. Development of measures to improve the living conditions of the employees in subordinate organizations;

4.49. Carrying out mobilization training at subordinate institutions;

4.50. Providing confidentiality, taking timely measures to prevent the disclosure of confidential and proprietary information.

The main activities of Infrastructure Department

1. Organization of activity of the railway structural divisions carrying out the maintenance, restoration, repair and operation of railroad facilities, power supply, signaling and communication facilities;

2. Maintaining operative condition of all elements of the railway and their repair, organization of safe and reliable operation of roadbed facilities, superstructure, engineering structures and track structures, automation and telemetry equipment, signaling arrangement, electricity supply, preservation and repair of residential, service and technical buildings, forest districts which are on the balance sheet of the enterprises;

3. Ensuring provision of electricity supply as per the limit stated in the contract, in accordance with the work plan of the railway consumers along with ensuring safe train traffic;

4. Improving  socio-economic conditions of the energy delivery team and other teams’ staff of the Department, and improving the technical equipment of the Department with the revenue arising from the power consumption payments by other enterprises using the energy on the contractual basis;

5. Implementation of single technical policy in the structural subdivisions of the Department;

6. Extending and improving production capacities of the Company’s structural enterprises, improving labor-intensive processes through mechanization and automation, simplifying manual-labor by using the latest achievements of scientific and technological advance and high-end technologies;

7. The operation and improvement of the technical bases of the enterprises, institutions and industries, as well as improvement of the quality of the products manufactured by the enterprise, the decrease in the cost of the product, control over the implementation of the industrial production plan and distribution of products among the enterprises;

8. Organization of sales of additionally produced gravel, sand and so on.

9. Preparation and approval of project-estimate documents for construction and installation works in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts;

10. Organization the development of the fixed assets’ capital repair plan and controls over the implementation of the plan in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts;

11. Analysis of production activities in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts.

12. Organization of spring and autumn inspections in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts;

a) Strengthening labor discipline and training qualified personnel in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts;

b) Protection of the environment, full utilization of natural resources and environmental improvement;

13. Reception of duly substantiated orders for providing with superstructures and other materials, signaling and communication, electricity supply equipment, machines and mechanisms in subordinate enterprises, organizations and sites, control over placing these orders with the relevant organizations and over the distribution of allocated funds;

14. Proposals aimed at the improvement of the organizational structure in subordinate organizations, enterprises and districts in future;

15. Development of inventive and rationalization proposals in subordinate enterprises, organizations and districts;

16. Selection and deployment of supervisors and engineer-technical staff at enterprises, organizations and districts, personnel training for key occupations, skills upgrading and mastering mixed professions;

17. Managing the production and financial activities of enterprises, organizations and districts directly subordinate to the Department and controlling the quality of their products;

18. Strengthening economic accountability in subordinate enterprises and sites, cost reduction and increasing economic efficiency, repair and re-use of the roads’ superstructure materials, economical use of fuel and electrical power, development of measures to improve the use of fixed and current assets and control over these measures;

19. Organization of accounting in subordinate enterprises and organizations;

20. Improvement of labor conditions in affiliated enterprises, organizations and districts, arrangement of technical regulation, supervision of observance of labor legislation, development of labor protection measures, technical standards and rules;

21. Control over quality of construction of roadbeds and engineering structures on new tracks, taking part in their and secondary railways’ commissioning.

22. Along with the trade union organization, staging competitions, implementing team form of labor organization and labor stimulation according to the work outcome in all subordinate organizations, enterprises and districts;

23. Generalization and expansion of advanced teams’ work experience and of innovations in subordinate enterprises and organizations;

24. Organization of labor protection in districts;

25. Ensuring proper records management and document preservation;

26. Developing measures to improve the living conditions of subordinate organizations, enterprises and districts’ staff;

27. Carrying out mobilization training at subordinate organizations, enterprises and districts.

Passenger Transportation Department (hereinafter referred to as “the Department”) is a subordinate body of Azerbaijan Railways CJS (hereinafter referred to as "the Company").

In its activity, the Department is guided by the Constitution, the Civil Code and other legislative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, normative-legal acts passed by the state registration, orders and directives of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Charter of Company, the rules and regulations of the Railway, as well as orders of the chairman of the Company.

Structure of Passenger Transportation Department:

  • Organization of passenger, baggage, cargo luggage and mail transportation on domestic and international passenger trains, as well as suburban electric trains;
  • Efficient exploitation, protection and development of passenger wagon fleet;
  • Organization of service to passengers at the ticket offices at the stations and on the line stations, as well as on trains;
  • Ensuring control over the security of passenger trains, fire protection at all every service district, as well as protection of the environment and ecology.

Passenger Transportation Department:

  • Together with the relevant departments of the Company, defines the technical and technological policies of the passenger transportation. Organizes the application of the latest scientific and technical progress and information technologies in the industry, as well as suggests further improvement of the "Express-AZ" automated control system used in ticket sales;
  • Designs annual and prospective development plans for passenger transportation. Develops proposals on current and overall repairs, on repair and overhaul of rolling stock in depots and other countries, as well as on capital construction in various service districts and provides control over their implementation;
  • Ensures that the units and equipment belonging to the Department are kept in good working order and in compliance with sanitary standards;
  • Ensures timely and qualitative preparation of wagons and train staff for trips, as well as the preservation of the equipment and inventory of wagons and rolling stock in good condition. Provides control over the stopping of wagons for repair and over repair time, takes all possible measures to ensure the safety of passengers and trains;
  • Provides regular operation of railway stations, ticket offices at line stations, inquiry offices, rest rooms for passengers and mother and child rooms, luggage service and dining cars, automation and computing equipment related to ticket sale, as well as of other passenger service areas;
  • Determines the interaction of subordinate organizations of the Company in the field of passenger, baggage, cargo and mail transportation;
  • Analyzes passenger, baggage and cargo transportation, makes proposals for the improvement of their efficiency;
  • Prepares proposals for the improvement of tariff policy of the Company in passenger transportation;
  • Analyzes financial and economic performance of passenger transportation and prepares proposals for the improvement  of their efficiency;
  • Organizes works on expanding of services provided to passengers;
  • Prepares normative and guidance documents used in passenger transportation;
  • Participates in developing of traffic schedules for passenger and suburban electric trains;
  • Prepares passenger train sets and layouts and related reference materials;
  • Ensures control over the execution of passenger and suburban electric trains traffic schedules;
  • Participates in investigating the consequences of accidents at passenger and electric trains, as well as in other service districts;
  • Takes measures on economical use of energy reserve and other resources;
  • Makes proposals on the improvement of passenger and baggage wagons;
  • Takes measures to effectively exploit and maintain its property used by subordinate structural units;
  • Prepares professional personnel for the industry, provides constant control over the potential of the reserve personnel;
  • Makes proposals on the measures for proper functioning of facilities in extreme situations and emergencies;
  • Ensures compliance with non-disclosure mode according to the regulations;
  • Organizes records management and document preservation works under the established procedure;
  • Develops an action plan for the protection of the environment and ecology and monitors its implementation.

Structure of the Department

Railway and Technical Facilities Repair and Construction Department of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC is an independent self-supporting state organization subordinate to the Company.

The Department in its activity is guided by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, decrees and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, orders and directives of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan, orders and directives of Azerbaijan Railways Closed Joint Stock Company and the present Regulation.

Department districts are

Baku-Bilajari, Ganja, Imishli operational districts composing the department and water supply shops as parts of these districts.

The main tasks of the Department:

Implementation of works on the operation, preservation, capital construction and repair of the technical-service and administrative buildings, sports facilities, community centers, guest houses of particular importance on its balance sheet, as well as of all buildings belonging to the Railway;

Implementation of capital construction and repair as per the signed contract, as well as of service maintenance of all buildings and other track structures.

Based on the State program, the Department develops the measures of independent self-supporting activities, prepares and implements annual and quarterly service programs;

With the consent of the Company the Department renders the following services:

Provision of all types of rennovation, lighting, construction and repair works, as well as production and sale of other types of construction materials, iron and wood products, including rendering order-based services such as house construction and repair. Implementation of order-based works for companies and organizations, including laying the service lines, installing heating and power systems, etc.

Provision of technical serviceability of technical-service, administrative, utility objects, engineering communications, local and internal water and sewage lines, as well as of heating and electric power supply lines of the Department.

Preparation and implementation of measures to expand and develop the technical and production bases of the Department in accordance with the requirements of the day.

Purchase of spare parts used by the services related to the infrastructure of the Company and, if necessary, production of the above mentioned in workshop conditions, as well as manufacturing, production and delivery of all kinds of materials as per the purchase and sale contracts, and sale of these materials.

Restoration and capital repair works on listed buildings and constructions on the balance sheet of the Company.

Production and sale of drinking water in accordance with the state standards.

Search for and delivery of raw materials to satisfy the Department’s water supply needs;

Helping population with all types of construction and repair works;

Planning works on provision with drinking water of the Company’s subordinate enterprises, institutions, organizations, railway staff families and railway facilities and, based on the contracts and agreements, of non-railway objects, ensuring timely and qualitative execution of the contracts;

Capital and current repair of water supply facilities and main water pipelines on the balance sheet of the Department;

Timely repair and maintenance of fixed assets, electrical and pumping equipment, machines and mechanisms, water supply faciities and water transfer pump stations to keep them in good technical condition;

The Department can organize the delivery of construction and other materials to the Republic by railway or other means for sales. In order to use transportation services, the Department, based on the contract and in accordance with the law, rents necessary vehicles from the automobile, railway, airway and maritime authorities, can organize freight and passenger transportation, as well as the production and sale of materials used on all transport routes. The Department can engage in laying, as well as in capital construction and capital repair of railways, highways and other transport routes.

For operational purpose the Department is entitled to conduct housing construction to satisfy the housing needs of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC employees or to buy housing accomodations by concluding contracts with development companies.

The Department is enabled to conduct all types of activities not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan subject to license being granted by the relevant state authorities.