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Internship Program at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC

The Internship Program at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC provides opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge in real working conditions, gain theoretical and practical knowledge of railway transport, engage in interesting and responsible projects, and build a career in the Company in the future.

Applications for participation in the internship program are accepted throughout the year. Participation in the program will be announced on the official website of the Company 3 months in advance.

The internship program at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC is free.

Who can apply? +

The Internship program may be applied for by the following persons, studying in or graduated from the technical, secondary specialized or high schools of the Republic of Azerbaijan pursuing a degree in such fields, as human resources, finance, accounting, business management, law, marketing, logistics, railway transport, project management, supply chain management, information technology, construction engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering directions:

  •   3rd and 4th year students pursuing bachelor degree;
  •   Master's degree students;
  •   Senior students of technical and secondary specialized schools and those who have graduated in the last one year;
What are the stages and criteria of the selection process? +
  •   Stage I - sending an electronic application;
  •   Stage II - determination of applicants' compliance with the following selection criteria:
    •  Qualification compliance;
    •  Points earned at admission exams (bachelor, master);
    •  The overall average success indicator (OASI) should be 71 points (in a 100 points system) or 3.0 points (in a 4-point system) and higher;
    •  Participation in trainings, seminars, conferences;
    •  Foreign language skills;
    •  Computer skills.
  •   Stage III - interviewing candidates who qualify for the selection criteria.


How to Apply?

You can apply for the Internship Program following the link below.