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Candidates who have successfully passed the test exam receive a notice about participation in the interview.

* A сandidate should arrive at the place of the interview at least 30 (thirty) minutes before it starts.

* The interviews are held by the Interviewing Commission of at least 3 members.

* The interview is conducted individually and lasts no longer than 50 minutes.

* Candidates’ professional and personal attributes are determined during the interview.

* A сandidate is given four questions to determine his/her professional attributes.

* A candidate's answers to the questions about his/her professional attributes (knowledge, skills and abilities) are evaluated by the members of the Commission selected from the structural units and other structures related to the vacancy chosen by the candidate, answers to the questions concerning personal attributes are evaluated by the secretary of the Commission (Human Resources Officer).

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* Maximum number of points a candidate can score during the interview is 100.

* Candidates who scored less than 50 percent of the maximum score are considered unsuccessful.

* Successful (according to the number of vacancies) are considered the candidates who got most points of those who scored 50 and more percent of the maximum score.

* Candidates who got 50% or more of maximum score but who are not appointed to any position due to  excessive number of candidates are added to the external personnel reserve base.

*The passing score is determined by accumulating the percentage ratio of indices calculated according to the points scored during the test and the indicators of professionalism and personal attributes determined during the interview, as follows:

• 10% are represented by a candidate's test score;

• 50% are represented by the score earned during the interview on professionalism indicators;

• 40% are represented by the score earned during the interview on individual attributes indicators.

* Of those candidates who got the same score the one who earned the highest score in the following sequence is considered successful:

• Professionalism indicators;

• The test exam score;

• Individual attributes indicators;

• Work experience in the relevant field;

• Other advantages (education and specialty in the relevant field, certifications, foreign language skills, computer skills, etc.).

* After the final completion of the interviews candidates will be informed about the results via e-mail.

* Unsuccessful candidates can apply for the same vacancy at least three months after the end of the exam.

* A candidate cannot be interviewed for the same vacancy more than 3 times a year.