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* To get more information on the announced vacancies candidates can click on "More" option and go to the vacancy description form.

*Candidates can obtain detailed information about the job vacancy in this section.

* After receiving the candidates' applications, the Human Resources Department checks whether the information given in the application form complies with the requirements of the announced vacancy (qualification criteria).

* The information based on the results of the initial selection process will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the candidate.

* The information given in candidate's application may be verified by the Human Resources Department by contacting the candidate via telephone or an official e-mail.

* Provision of inaccurate information in the application of a candidate is the reason to decline this job applicant.

* The analysis stage of applications is completed within 5 business days of the deadline set out in the vacancy announcement.

* Upon completion of the analysis of the applications, only the candidates who meet the qualification requirements will be informed via electronic means and phone about the next stage.