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Human resource policies of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC have been developed with the purpose of forming personnel resources, effective management of these resources, and ensuring efficient activity of the personnel.

• The structural division responsible for human resources management of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC controls observation of the issues arising from these Policies.

• The application of human resource policies covers administration and all the structures of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.

                 Basic principles of policies’ implementation

• Fairness - applying an impartial, fair and non-discriminatory approach to all existing and potential employees of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC;

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• Individual approach and free thinking - every employee can independently speak on any issue related to his/her line of activity and individual approach to each employee;

• Motivation - motivation of employees of Azerbaijan Railways;

• Substantiation - every decision made on any issue concerning the career and labor activity of the Company’s employees should be founded on the profound investigation, legal circumstances and legislative requirements;

•Transparency - transparent and clear definition of all the rules, procedures and policies applied in the activities of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC;

• Awareness – the employees’ awareness of all the relevant rules, procedures and policies implemented by Azerbaijan Railways CJSC;

• Assessment – objective assessment of the achievements, initiatives, knowledge and skills of all employees of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC;

• Non-contradiction - implementing a policy that does not contradict with the key policies, rules and regulations of Azerbaijan Railways.

General tasks arising from the policies

• To document the human resources management operations in accordance with the requirements of the labor legislation and international experience;

• To conduct the process of recruitment for announced vacancies and job replacements in a centralized manner via competitions based on the principles of transparency and fairness; 

• To fairly promote the careers of the employees, assess their performance, professionalism and personal attributes’ indicators;

• To determine and organize dynamic enriching activities contributing to the increase of the employees' level of competence and professionalism;

• To establish and implement a motivational system that provides employees' efficient performance by identifying their material and non-material (psycho-social) needs;

• To form a working environment based on healthy labor conditions and mutual respect principles in order to promote the employees’ fruitful activities.

Activities arising from the policies

• Compliance with the requirements of the legislation when developing the managerial and administrative documents in the field of human resources management;

• Identification, forecasting and analysis of quantitative and qualitative indicators of human resources;

• Formation and management of the professional personnel reserve base;

• Implementation of a functional adaptation program to help the hired employees use their potential effectively and increase labor productivity;

• Identifying and implementing the training needs and individual development plan based on employee performance assessment to ensure career development of employees and their appropriate knowledge, abilities and occupational skills;

• Evaluating the work-related and professionalism indicators of the positions taken or claimed  by the employees using multiple and multi-profile methods, taking into account the qualifications and competence requirements determined according to the requirements of the positions and working groups;

• Implementation of the career management system which provides the continuous career growth of the Azerbaijan Railways CJSC employees, contributes to their promotion on the base of the level of their knowledge, abilities and professional skills, and enables to identify the reserve personnel for the strategically important positions and occupations;

• Establishing the system of wages that are competitive in the labor market and paid on equitable terms according to the position taken;

• Strengthening of labor discipline using incentives in the first place, as well as improvement of the control mechanisms available in this field;

• Ensuring compliance with international practice during the implementation of official functions, application of new technologies that enable operativeness, automation of human resources management processes and keeping integrity in this field along with strengthening inter-functional relations;

• Arranging relevant surveys and taking necessary measures to evaluate employee satisfaction and intensity of work;

• Strengthening mutual labor relations, team spirit and corporate culture, ensuring the modern level of labor conditions for the employees.