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1. How can I get information about vacancies at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC?

You can find all vacancies on: www.ady.az/az/career/vacancy/69.

2. Do you accept CV via e-mail?

In accordance with the Recruitment Procedures of Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, all candidates must apply for vacancies through the following page: https://ady.az/az/career/vacancy/69.

3. How do I get information about whether my CV has passed the initial selection?

If your skills comply with the vacancy requirements, your candidacy will be accepted for that position and the Recruitment Department will contact you to invite you to the test exams.

4. If I am interested in several vacancies, can I apply for more than one vacancy?

A candidate can simultaneously apply for several vacancies that meet the requirements. However, if the competition time for the vacancies applied is set to the same date and time, he/she can take part in the competition for one vacancy only.

5. What is the format of the competitions held at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC?

Competitions at Azerbaijan Railways CJSC are as a rule carried out in the following forms:

Executive positions: competition consisting of test exam and interview.

Worker positions: competition consisting of tests and specialty exams.

6. During what time will the candidates be informed about the results of the test examination?

All candidates are informed about the results of the test examination within 3 business days by phone and by e-mail. Successful candidates, who pass to the next stage, are also informed about the time and place of the interview or specialty exams.

7. Where can I get the information on the place, date and time of the Testing / Specialty Examination / Interview?

The information on the address, date and time of the Test and the Interview will be sent to a candidate’s  e-mail address within at least 3 business days before the exam.

8. Where can I get the information on the vacancies available in the regions I would like to work in?

All the available vacancies at ADY CJSC are posted in the relevant section of the corporate web site of the Company. You can find and apply for the vacancies in the required region by using the Search engine in the Vacancies category of our Career section.

9. What areas does the test examination cover?

The purpose of the test exams is to determine a candidate's world outlook, logical thinking and knowledge of the job (profession).