“Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC has announced Volunteer Program Internship 12:20 01.10.2019

“Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC has announced an internship program for volunteers. No specialization or experience will be required from the young people to be recruited under this program.
Undergraduate students from all universities can join this program.
The interns will be paid 150 AZN monthly.
The interns will be involved in adaptation, personal development (interview skills training, corporate business relations, time management, conflict management, stress management, Health, Safety and Environment Management trainings, as well as, special trainings necessary for their future field of activity. 
Youth aged between 17 to 27 will be given the privilege.
During their off-study time the interns will provide services both inside and outside the stations.
Young people who want to participate in this program are expected to be disciplined, ambitious, have the ability to work in a team and to communicate effectively.  
The interns will provide the following services:
To meet the citizens at the stations;
To provide assistance to the passengers using electronic boards;
To approach to the passengers with tablets or phones and to provide them assistance in getting online tickets or booking tickets;
To listen and make notes according to the suggestions of passengers;
To carry out various social monitorings about “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC;
To organize queues;
To conduct surveys on trains and stations.
The program will last for 3 months. The interns completing the program will be awarded certificates and the distinguished interns will be given the Honorary Certificates.
Deadline for submission of applications is October 7, 2019. 
Students wishing to join this program can apply for the “Internship” vacancy in the “Vacancies” section of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC.